Windows software for President Herbert


Frequency range from 25MHz to 31MHz (Without modification)
Select Step between 1kHz, 5kHz and 10kHz
Step Up and Step Down
Scan Up and Scan Down
Dual Watch
Repeater function (Split)
2 Memory Bank with 100 memories
Signal Meter
1MHz Spectrum Scoope

System Requirements:
IBM PC compatible
Windows 16/32 bit and Windows NT operating system
1 MB of RAM, 1 MB of free disk space
WINJames Software
President James CB-Radio

Few components
1 pcs. 25-Pin D-SUB Connector
1 pcs. NULL-Modem Cable

The connection to Printer port.

 25-Pin Printer Connector

Install a 25-pin D-SUB Male connector on the President James bottom cover, and use a NullModem cable to the computers printer port.
See Radio interfacing to Printer Port for more information about using PrinterPort.

Pin PrinterPort Direction Usage Connection to: Active H/L
2 Data 0 Out to radio PLL Clock IC701 Pin 9 HIGH
3 Data 1 Out to radio PLL Data IC701 Pin 10 HIGH
4 Data 2 Out to radio PLL Enable IC701 Pin 11 HIGH
5 Data 3 Out Trig to Oscilloscope Not in use HIGH
8 Data 6 Out to radio Audio Mute Base of Q16 HIGH
9 Data 7 Out to radio Reset to A/D A/D-Converter HIGH
10 ACK In from radio PTT Switch Microphone Pin 3 LOW
11 Busy In from radio Squelch Control IC2 Pin 7 HIGH
12 PaperEnd In from radio A/D output A/D-Converter LOW
18 Ground   Ground IC401 Pin 6  

Connection Circuit

Connect Data, CLK and ENB to SM5158A PLL-Circuit (IC401).

Analog to Digital Converter Analog to Digital Converter To use the Spectrum Scoope you will need a AnalogDigitalConverter.
This is a simple ADC for reading the S-meter value. Connect the S-Meter signal (IC2 Pin 1) to the Input, and the Output to the PaperEnd signal and Reset to Data 7 on the printerport.
Use a BC107 or similar NPN Transistor (Not critical).

PLL Carrier Oscillator Portion

Condition Adjustment Procedure
27.405 MHz
L701 / L702 Connect the DC Voltmeter to TP1
Adjust for 1.5 +/- 0.1 V

Frequency range
The frequency range is set to 25MHz to 30MHz because the this is the limit for the receiver BandPassFilter FT1.
When you first time start up the WINJames software, its will create 3 files;
Memory1.TXT and
In the file Setup.TXT you will find the that the 2 last lines is the Minimum and Maximum frequency for the software.


You can change this values for the software. If you want to set the Maximum or Minimum frequencies outside the limit for the receiver BandPassFilter, you have to re-tune this filter for the new frequencies. It will also be necessary to modificate the VCO-circuit..

User Manual

WINHerb.EXE and install the file under C:\WINHerbert\
Inpout16.DLL and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\
HMeter.VBX and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\
VBRUN300.DLL and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\

Saving files:
PC: Right-click on link and choose "Save File As"
Mac: Click and hold on link and choose "Save File As"