President Glenn CB-Radio

Solder between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 to get AM

To get 240 Ch, push together UP and DOWN.
Then turn on Power.


T2 Adjust RF input CB-Radio
T3 Adjust RF input CB-Radio
T4 Adjust MF (10,7MHz) CB-Radio
T5 Adjust Detector/Discriminator (455kHz)
T6 Adjust MF (455kHz) CB-Radio and FM-Radio
T7 Adjust PLL-Oscillator
T8 Adjust RF output
T9 Adjust RF output
T10 Adjust RF output
T11 Adjust RF input FM-Radio
T12 Adjust PLL-Oscillator FM-Radio
T13 Adjust MF FM-Radio
TK1 Adjust RF output
RV3 Adjust FM-Deviation (Modulation)

User Manual (Norwegian)

Frequency List


Schematic diagram

Q48 KTC2078 Finale Transistor

Q47 KTC 1006 Driver Transistor

LM386 Power Amplifier

KIA7217 Power Amplifier

MC1361 Narrowband FM IF

NJM4558 Dual Operational Amplifire