uPD2824 PLL Integrated Circuits

µPD2824 PLL Integrated Circuits Explanation of pin function terms This 27 MHz band, PLL frequency synthesizer LSI chip is designed specifically for CB transceivers.
1P1Binary programable input 1
2P2Binary programable input 2
3P3Binary programable input 3
4P4Binary programable input 4
5P5Binary programable input 5
6P6Binary programable input 6
7TDivided by 2 input
8QDivided by 2 output
101/2RReferency frequency divided by 2
11VDDPositive Power Supply (+5Volt)
12RIReferency oscillator Input (X-tal)
13RORefeerency oscillator Output (X-tal)
14RBReference divider output (Buffered)
15LDLoop Detector - HIGH=Locked LOW=Unlocked
16TC out
17PD outPhase Detector output
18AILoop filter Amplifier Input
10AOLoop filter Amplifier Output
22FINVCO Oscillator Input

Explanation of pin function terms

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