Low-power frequency synthesizer for mobile radio communications

The UMA1014 is a low-power universal synthesizer which has been designed for use in channelized radio communication. The IC is manufactured in bipolar technology and is designed to operate at 5 to 100 kHz channel spacing with an RF input from 50 to 1100 MHz. The channel is programmed via a standard I2C-bus. A low-power sensitive RF divider is incorporated together with a dead-zone eliminated, 3-state phase comparator. The low-noise charge pump delivers 1 mA or 1/2 mA output current to enable a better compromise between fast switching and loop bandwidth. A power-down circuit enables the synthesizer to be set to idle mode.
Single chip synthesizer; compatible with Philips cellular radio chipset
Fully programmable RF divider
I 2 C interface for two-line serial bus
On-chip crystal oscillator/TCXO buffer from 3 to 16 MHz
16 reference division ratios allowing 5 to 100 kHz channel spacing
1/8 crystal frequency output
On-chip out-of-lock indication
Two extra VCO control outputs
Latched synthesizer alarm output
Status register including out-of-lock indication and power failure
Power-down mode.

Cellular mobile radio (NMT, AMPS, TACS)
Private mobile radio (PMR)
Cordless telephones.

1OSCINOscillator or TCXO input
2OSCOUTOscillator output
3VCP5V charge pump supply
4VCC5V supply
5PCDCharge pump output
7VCOAVCO buffer switch output A (including out-of-lock)
8RFRF input
9SCLSerial clock input
10SDASerial data input/output
11HPDHardware power-down (active LOW)
12SAASlave address select input A
13VCOBVCO buffer switch output B
14i.c.Internally connected
15SYASynthesizer alarm output
16FX81/8 crystal frequency output

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