TDA2003 Audio Power Amplifier

LM383 TDA2002V UPC2002V ULN3701Z AE320
7W Audio Power Amplifier

General Description
The LM383 is a cost effective, high power amplifier suited for automotive applications. High current capability (3.5A) enables the device to drive low impedance loads with low distortion. The LM383 is current limited and thermally pro- tected. High voltage protection is available (LM383A) which enables the amplifier to withstand 40V transients on its sup- ply. The LM383 comes in a 5-pin TO-220 package.
High peak current capability (3.5A)
Large output voltage swing
Externally programmable gain
Wide supply voltage range (5Vą20V)
Few external parts required
Low distortion
High input impedance
No turn-on transients
High voltage protection available
Low noise
AC short circuit protected

1Input +
2Input -
5VccPositive Power Supply

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