SM5118 PLL Frequency Synthesizer


This 27 MHz band, PLL frequency synthesizer LSI chip is designed specifically for CB transceivers. The integrated circuit`s incorporates PLL circuitry and a controller for CB applications on a single CMOS chip.
This PLL-circuit use a 8 bit BCD binary programmable divide-by-N counter.

1VccPositive Supply Voltage
2F inVCO Frequency Input
3RIReferency Oscillator Input
4ROReferency Oscillator Output
51/2RReference OSC frequency divide by 2 output
6RBReference Oscillator (Buffered)
7PDPhase Detector Output
8LDLoop Detect - Unlocked=LOW Locked=HIGH
9NCNot Connected
10P8Programmable input 8
11P7Programmable input 7
12P6Programmable input 6
13P5Programmable input 5
14P4Programmable input 4
15P3Programmable input 3
16P2Programmable input 2
17P1Programmable input 1

Explanation of pin function terms

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