MC1496P Balanced Modulator / Demodulator

Similar to LM1396 LM1496 LM1596 uA796 N5596 NJM1496 and SN76514

The MC1496P are doubled balanced modulator-de-modulators which produce an output voltage proportional tothe product of an input (signal) voltage and a switching (carrier) signal. Typical applications include suppressed carrier modulation, amplitude modulation, synchronous detection, FM or PM detection, broadband frequency doubling and chopping.

- Excellent carrier suppression
65 dB typical at 0.5 MHz
50 dB typical at 10 MHz
- Adjustable gain and signal handling
- Fully balanced inputs and outputs
- Low offset and drift
- Wide frequency response up to 100 MHz

11SI+Signal input +
22GAGain Adjust
33GAGain Adjust
44SI-Signal input -
66O+Output +
7NCNo Connection
87CI+Carrier In +
9NCNo Connection
108CI-Carrier In -
11NCNo Connection
129O-Output -
13NCNo Connection

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