MB1511 PLL Frequency Synthesizer

The Fujitsu MB1511 is a single chip serial input PLL frequency synthesizer designed for VHF tuner and cellular telephone applications. It contains a 1.1 GHz dual modulus prescaler which enables pulse swallow function, and an analog switch to speed up lock up time. It operates supply voltage of 3.0 V typ. and dissipates 7 mA typ. of current realized through the use of Fujitsu's unique U-ESBIC Bi-CMOS technology. The MB1511 is housed in SSOP package, this enables high integration.

• Low power supply voltage: VCC = 2.7 to 5.5 V
• High operating frequency: fIN MAX = 1.1 GHz (VIN MIN = –10dBm)
• Pulse swallow function: 64/65 or 128/129
• Low supply current: ICC = 7 mA typ.
• Serial input 18-bit programmable divider consisting of:
Binary 7-bit swallow counter: 0 to 127
Binary 11-bit programmable counter: 16 to 2047
• Serial input 15-bit programmable reference divider consisting of:
Binary 14-bit programmable reference counter: 8 to 16383
1-bit switch counter (SW) sets divide ratio of prescaler

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