LA1260 FM/AM Tuner System for Radio-Casette Recorders, Music Centers

BA4260 KA2247 GL5808

FM : IF amplifier, quadrature detector, AF preamplifier, tuning indicator drive output.
AM : RF amplifier, MIX, OSC (with ALC), IF amplifier, Detector, AGC, tuning indicator drive.
&127; Minimum number of external parts required (No AM detection coil required).
&127; High S/N : FM 81dB AM 53dB
&127; Low-level AM oscillator with ALC : Pin 16 OSC output
MW 130mV
SW 70 mV to 90 mV
(7MHz) (24MHz)
&127; Less AM whistle interference : Whistle 1% at input 100dB/m.
&127; On-chip LED tuning indicator driver.
&127; On-chip FM/AM selector.
&127; Independent FM/AM output pins : Possible to set FM/AM frequency characteristic independently.

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