LA1231N FM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator

Similar to NTE1441

IF Amplification, Limiter
Quadrature Detector
AF Preamplifier
Muting at Weak Input
Muting at the Detuning
Signal Meter Drive Output
AFC Tuning Meter Drive Output
Delay AGC Output
Inverting Circuit for Muting Drive Voltage
IF Amplifier Stop Circuit

High Limiting Sensitivity: 18ÁV Typ.
Low Dostortion: 0.05% Typ. Determined by the Linearity of Phase Characteristics in Phase Shifting Circuit
High Demodulation Output: 330mVrms Typ.
High S/N ratio: 78.5dB Typ.
Muting at Detuning with Little Shock Noise
Single Meter Drive Output Proportional with the Input Signal Level dB
Detuning Muting Band having Good Symmetrics
Tuning Meter Driving Output having Wide Swing Width
Delay AGC Drivce Output for Front End
Constant Voltage Circuit is Built-In: Operating Voltage range = 9V to 14V
Muting Characteristics between Adjacent Stations are Distinguished

1Front End
2Front End
3Front End
5Mute Switch
6AF Output
7AF C/V ref.
8Detector trans.
9Detector Trans.
10Detector Trans.
11Positive Supply Voltage
12Mute Switch
13Signal Meter
16Mute Level Adjust

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