LA1145 FM IF System (Quadrature Detector) for Car Radio

1. On-chip IF count buffer circuit and microprocessor-controlled switch circuit for ETR.
2. Compared to the LA1140, the LA1145, 1145M offer:
1 Improved signal meter output linearity;
2 Improved band mute temperature stability;
3 Improved S/N ratio;
4 Improved sound quality at weak signal input when noise is present, and;
5 Improved AMR characteristics during weak signal input.
3. Reduced parts’ count simplifies design:
1 On-chip IF count buffer circuit;
2 On-chip SD circuit — sensitivity can be set independently of soft mute characteristics, and;
3 Variable S-meter gradient — three pin S-meter output (pins 5, 16 and 17) facilitates independent control of SNC and HCC.

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