LA1135 AM Tuner System for Car Radios and Home Stereos


The LA1135 is a high-performance AM electronic tuner IC that is greatly improved in cross modulation characteristics. It is especially suited for use in car radio and home stereo (antenna: loop) applications.

. OSC (with ALC)
. IF amplifier
. Detector
. AGC (normal)
. RF wide-band AGC
. Auto search stop signal (signal meter output)
. Local oscillation buffer output
. Others

. Excellent cross modulation characteristics: Meets the requirements for preventing not only adjacent-channel interference but also interference caused by all channels within broadcast band.
. Narrow-band signal meter output: Usable as auto search stop signal. Has linearity up to 80 dBµ.
. Local oscillation buffer output: Facilitates designing of electronic tuner system, frequency display, etc.
. OSC (with ALC): Improves tracking error because oscillation output is stabilized at a low level (380 mVrms) for varactor diode.
. MIX: Double-balanced differential MIX meeting the requirements for preventing spurious interference, IF interference.
. Good characteristics at high input: 130 dBµ input f m = 400 Hz 80% mod THD = 0.4% typ . Low noise: Good S/N at medium input (56 dB typ)
. Usable sensitivity: (S/N = 20 dB input): 25 dBµ (2SK315 I DSS = 11mA)
. V CC variation compensation: Less variation in gain, distortion: 8 to 12 V
. Reduced pop noise: Capable of reducing pop noise at the time of V CC ON, mode select by adjusting AGC time constant.

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