LA1130 AM Tuner for Car Radio

The LA1130 is an IC developed for AM tuner systems in car radio applications. It provides low-level local oscillation so that it can be applied in varactor diode tuning applications as well as tuning applications.

&127; RF amplification
&127; MIX
&127; OSC (with ALC)
&127; IF amplification
&127; Detection
&127; AGC (normal)
&127; RF wide-band AGC
&127; Others

&127; Good space factor due to single-end package.
&127; Easy to design printed circuit pattern due to 3mm-pitch pin interval.
&127; Double-balanced type MIX : Improvement in IF interference, spurious interference.
&127; Normal AGC : Less variation in detector output to input.
&127; RF wide-band AGC : Improvement in cross modulation distortion, especially strong input characteristics in varactor diode tuning applications because of low operating level (300mVrms).
&127; AGC drive output for FET : Possible to apply AGC to FET at input stage in varactor diode tuning applications.
&127; ALC at OSC stage : Improvement in tracking error due to stabilized low-level (350mVrms) oscillation output in varactor diode tuning applications.
&127; Reference voltage output : Possible to use 5.6V reference voltage for other bias (FET, etc.).
&127;V CC variation compensation : Less variation in gain, distortion, etc. (7.5 to 16V)
&127; Less ripple voltage : Less modulation of carrier by supply voltage ripple.
&127; Low pop noise : Possible to reduce pop noise at the time of V CC -on, mode-on by selecting AGC time constant.

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