LA1061 Antenna Switching Controller

The LA1061M is an antenna switching controller for mobile radio equipment.
The LA1061M uses a number of inputs from the receiver circuitry to select the main antenna or sub-antenna according to signal strength and quality. Weak and strong signals are detected with the S-meter DC voltage and F.E. AGC voltage, respectively.
Multi-path distortion is detected from the AC component of the IF output, using the same high-sensitivity counter circuit as in Sanyo's earlier LA1060 device.
An auxiliary circuit keeps the main antenna selected for a fixed time period when reception conditions outside a moving vehicle are changing rapidly.
The LA1061M is available in surface-mount 8-pin DIPs, facilitating construction of compact equipment. It operates from a single 7 to 12V power supply.
&127; Uses Sanyo's proprietary AGC amplifier and detector, providing accurate detection of multi-path distortion.
&127; High-current Main and Sub-antenna switching outputs.
&127; Antenna switching frequency limiting circuit.
&127; On-board comparators for F.E AGC (strong signal) and S-meter DC (weak signal) detection.
&127; Surface-mount 14-pin MFP.

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