LA1060 Antenna Switching Diversity Circuit

 Noise amp, noise AGC circuit, noise density circuit.
 Antenna switching trigger output circuit.
 Antenna switching T flip-flop circuit.
 Antenna holding function to be used at weak input signal reception mode, forced antenna holding function.

 "Count system"-used, reliable detection of multipath distortion.
 One-tuner type diversity system allowing cost reduction of sets.
 The output to hold the antenna at the weak input signal mode and the output (antenna switching trigger output) to indicate that the antenna switching frequency is high are delivered at the same pin, allowing a wide variety of applications according to the design-concept.
Pin Name Description
1 WINTransceiver Noise Amplifier Input
2 WINTransceiver Filter
3 WINTransceiver AGC
4 WINTransceiver Monostabile Multivibrator
5 GND Ground
6 WINTransceiver Noise Detector Output and Antenna Hold Drive
7 WINTransceiver F.F. Output 1
8 WINTransceiver F.F. Output 2
9 Vcc Positive Power Supply

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