C5122 PLL Synthesizer

The C5122 series is a range of CB transceiver PLL circuit. Each IC incorporates a PLL circuit, code ROM applicable to frequencies of various countries, and an UNLOCK signal generator circuit for channel switching. The IC also incorporatcs a built-in channel UP/DOWN control circuit and CHANNEL/PA display LED driver.
The master slice system will make the ICs compatible with CB frequencies used allover the world, including those specified by US and British standards.

&127; Master slice makes IC applicable to CB spccifications of vaious nations.
&127; Built-in CHANNEL UP/DOWN control circuit
&127; Built-in UNLOCK signal generator circuit
&127; Built in CHANNEL/PA display decoder
&127; Channel-switching check tone control output pin
&127; Built-in quartz crystal oscillator circuit (10.24 MHz crystal)
&127; Last channel backup functian
&127; Master slice makes it passible to select between LED and LCD
&127; Built-in LED driver
&127; Built-in amplifier for active LPF
&127; One crystal PLL synthesizer
&127; Emergency channel call function
&127; Power-on initialize function

Explanation of pin function terms

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