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The WINTransceiver brings an easy-to-use, highly configurable radio communications device to your PC desktop.

WIN Transceiver.GIF
Spectrum Scoope.GIF

Key Benefits:

The WINTransceiver goes beyond old radio transceivers to bring you the following advanced benefits available with the integration of radio communications and PC applications.
 FM AM USB and LSB Modulation
 Select Step between 100 Hz, 1 kHz and 10kHz
 Step Up and Step Down
 Scan Up and Scan Down
 Dual Watch
 Repeater (Split) funtion
 Roger Beep
 Repeater Tone (1750Hz)
 SelCall with CCIR, ZVAI, NATEL or EEA
 2 Memory Bank with 100 memories
 Packet Radio with 1200 Baud
 Spectrum Scoope
 SWR survailence
 Adjustable Output Power
 Adjustable RF gain
 Adjustable Microphone Gain

The WINTransceiver software will run under 32-bits operating systems, eg. Windows 95 or above.
You also need Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Module installed in your computer.

 Functional Description

 WINTransceiver Software Ver.3.1
 Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Module

Please note:
To install the software, download the files to a temporary folder and unzip it. If the downloaded ZIP file does not unzip, please check the file size to make sure that the entire file has been received. If the size is different from what it should be, please download the file again.

Read README.TXT for more information.
Please report bugs to