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The WINTransceiver is an advanced, state-of-the-art radio communications application for your laptop or desktop PC.


System description

The WINTransceiver software and hardware package consists of the Windows-based software and a hardware transceiver unit.
The hardware units is connected to the IBM-compatible PC with RS-232 serial port and to antenna and eksternal powersupply.
The software will run under Windows 32-bit operating systems and Windows NT.

Spectrum Scope
This new method of graphic tuning brings a totally new experience to tuning a radio transceiver.
Imagine dragging your mouse across a scanned spectrum, click on a peak, and you are tuned to selected frequency.

Packet Radio
This version of AX.25 standard packet radio decoder implements protocol monitoring of two most common modulation techniques used in the amateur radio packet network: 300 Baud FSK for AM/SSB-modulation and 1200 Baud AFSK for FM-modulation.

This version SelCall radio decoder implements protocol of the most common SelCall techniques used in the radio network: CCIR, ZVAI, NATEL and EEA.
RepeaterTone is also implemented.

System Requirements :
IBM PC compatible
Windows 95/98/2000 or NT4
4 MB of RAM, 1 MB of free disk space
Windows-compatible full-duplex sound card
WINTransveiver Module