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MC3359P FM IF-Amplifier and Discriminator

MC3359 is similar to NJM3359

The MC3359 is a low power narrow band FM detector integrated circuit for FM dual conversion of communication equipment. The MC3359 includes oscillator, limiting amplifier, AFC circuit, quadrature detect, operational amplifier, squelch circuit, scan-control and muting switch.
The MC3359 is a circuit of MC3357 plus one stage limiting IF amplifier and AFC output terminal.
1X-Tal Oscillator
2X-Tal Oscillator
3Mixer Output
4VccPositive Supply Voltage
5Limiter In
8Quad In
9Demod Filter
10Audio Output
11Demodulated output
12Filter Input
13Filter Output
14Squelch In
15Scan Control
16Audio Mute
18RF Input

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