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LA4260 Power Amlifier

Minimum Number of External Parts Required (No Input Capacitor, Bootstrap Capacitor Required)
High Output: 3.5W Typ. x 2
Soft Clip, Causing Little Harmonic Disturbance to Radios
Small Pop Noise at th Time of Power Switch ON/OFF
Built-In Protector Against Abnormal Modes (Thermal Shutdown, Overvoltage)
Pin Name Description
1 WINTransceiver Feedback 1
2 WINTransceiver Input 1
3 WINTransceiver Decoupling
4 GND Ground
5 WINTransceiver Input 2
6 WINTransceiver Feedback 2
7 WINTransceiver Output 2
8 GND Ground
9 Vcc Positive Supply Voltage
10 WINTransceiver Output 1

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