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Albrecht AE4500 AE4522 CB-Radio

Albrecht AE4500 and AE4522 CB-Radio
Albrecht AE4500 AE4522 Block Diagram
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AE4500 PCB 2SC2078 2SC2314 KIA7217 TA7130 LC7132

AE4522 Modification

Conversion instructions AE4522 for export purposes these Swiss version, 22 channels FM+AM 0,5 Watts, can be reequipped on 40 channels and on the today usual 4 Watts of FM and 1 Watt AM

AM FM switch changes
(necessary for more performance) behind the front screen a bridge as drawn between the free, not occupied link of the AM/FM switch and the yellow line (+) solder.

Modifications at the addition circuit board for more performance connection at the emitter of the power transistor as in the transmitter the addition circuit board marked, split. Connection of the left conductive strip (rosa wire or rudder 10 to split place manufacture).
The upper interface serves AM+FM for the change on 40 channels: Hereby the connection is interrupted by SD 4.

Modification at the motherboard at the base of the output stage should be bridged for full performance R115. Without modification approx. 0,6 / 3,2 Watts are attainable, with modification approx. 1,2 / 4,8 Watts

Note: The Swiss permission applies only to the original state with 0.5 Watts. With the export you consider please the legal regulations in the individual countries.