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Albrecht AE2980 CB-Radio

Albrecht AE2980 CB-Radio
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AE2980 PCB 2SC2078 2SC1006 TDA2003
C305: IF Frequency 10.240MHz
C101: Reference Frequency 4.5MHz
RV201: Squelch
RV202: S-Meter
RV204: AM Modulation
RV205: FM modulation
RV206: RF Power

Conversion instructions AE 2980 VERSION starting from in the middle of 1996 channel extension (only admissible for export customers) the AE 2980 in German execution (80/12 channels) can be converted on some other standards:
Battery box take off, device open (3+1 screws), device remove, front plate circuit board off take (both circuit boards are connected by plugs). Front circuit board in such a way put down that display shows beside the screening plate is the positions R 181 downward to detect R 182 and R 183 (this are not soldered, with 40 FM CEPT everything soldered the solder joint programming fields for the microprocessor, with 80/12), and the programming resistance R 184 or R 185 (programming of AM/FM = R 184, CH 19 = R 185):
Pin 26 to 18Pin 25 to 18Pin 24 to 18Description
ConnectConnectConnect40 Channels (CEPT) - 26.965MHz to 27.405MHz
OpenOpenOpen80/12 Channels (Germany) - 26.565MHz to 27.405MHz
OpenConnectOpen40 Channels UK - 27.60125MHz to 27.99125MHz
ConnectOpenOpen120 Channels Polish - 26.510MHz to 27.850MHz
ConnectConnectOpen240 Channels Polish - 26.060MHz to 28.750MHz
OpenConnectConnect400 Channels - 25.165MHz to 29.655MHz
ConnectOpenConnect240 Channels - 26.065MHz to 28.755MHz
Consider please:
With 240 and 400 channel programming one still the MEMO switch on channel 9 key must umloeten, since only this key can be used as BAND selector switches. This is possible with devices starting from in the middle of 1996 (seriennummern starting from 7000). In addition there are solder joints R 104 to R107 in addition on the display page of the circuit board below the display still. The solder joints for CH 9/Bandschalter must be umgeloetet by R 104/105 on R106 and R107. In principle all channels are adjustably, however with certain losses in the performance upward and down after the change, (the devices operate with full performance reliably only on the middle tapes, for which the devices were adjusted by the factory). It can also occur that the PLL system not everywhere einrastet.(Re-Adjust T 208 necessarily). The AM performance can be changed over from 1 Watt to 4 Watts, by removing the transistor Q 130 on the front circuit board or makes ineffective (e.g. unsolder emitters).