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Windows software for Galaxy DX-2547


Frequency range from 26,695MHz to 27,325MHz (26,695MHz to 27,965MHz)
Step Up and Step Down
Scan Up and Scan Down
Dual Watch
Repeater function (Split)
2 Memory Bank with 100 memories

System Requirements:
IBM PC compatible
Windows 16/32 bit and Windows NT operating system
1 MB of RAM, 1 MB of free disk space
DX2547 Software
Galaxy DX2547 CB-Radio

Few components
1 pcs. 25-Pin D-SUB Connector
1 pcs. NULL-Modem Cable

The connection to Printer port.

 25-Pin Printer Connector

Install a 25-pin D-SUB Male connector on the radios bottom cover, and use a NullModem cable to the computers printer port.
See Radio interfacing to Printer Port for more information about using PrinterPort.

Pin PrinterPort Direction Usage Connection to: Active H/L
2 Data 0 Out to radio   RCI-8719 pin 16 HIGH
3 Data 1 Out to radio   RCI-8719 pin 15 HIGH
4 Data 2 Out to radio   RCI-8719 pin 14 HIGH
5 Data 3 Out to radio   RCI-8719 pin 13 HIGH
6 Data 4 Out to radio   RCI-8719 pin 12 HIGH
7 Data 5 Out to radio   RCI-8719 pin 11 HIGH
8 Data 6 Out to radio   MB-8719 pin 10 HIGH
10 ACK In from radio PTT Switch Microphone connector Pin 5 LOW
11 Busy In from radio Squelch Control Squelch circuit LOW
18 Ground   Ground RCI-8719 pin 18  

Before modification After modification
RCI-8719  Circuit
To protect the PrinterPort:
Cut the trace to RCI-8719 pin 9 to 16
RCI-8719  Circuit

and insert 6 pcs. 4,7kW resistors across the cutted traces.

Connection to the PrinterPort Squelch circuit
RCI-8719 Connection Circuit To use the Scan function you need connection to the Squelch circuit.
Connect PrinterPort pin 11 to IC1 pin 8.
Use a 4,4kohm resistor to protect the PrinterPort.

Use also a 1N4148 or similar diode to protect the input from the PTT-Switch.

Modification for frequency range
26,695MHz to 27,965MHz

Change RCI-8719 with MB-8719.
If pin 10 is connected, cut the trace and insert 4,7kohm resistors across.
Connect PrinterPort pin 8 to MB8719 pin 10.
Go to Setup and click on MB8719

User Manual

DX2547.EXE and install the file under C:\DX2547\
Inpout16.DLL and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\
VBRUN300.DLL and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\

Saving files:
PC: Right-click on link and choose "Save File As"
Mac: Click and hold on link and choose "Save File As"