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Windows software for Cherokee CBS2100


&127; Frequency range from 24,255MHz to 29,365MHz with 13.560MHz off-set X-tals.
&127; Frequency range from 24,705MHz to 29,815MHz with 14.010MHz off-set X-tals.
&127; Frequency range from 25,155MHz to 30,265MHz with 14.460MHz off-set X-tals.
&127; Step Up and Step Down
&127; Scan Up and Scan Down
&127; Dual Watch
&127; Repeater function (Split)
&127; 2 Memory Bank with 100 memories

System Requirements:
&127; IBM PC compatible
&127; Windows 16/32 bit and Windows NT operating system
&127; 1 MB of RAM, 1 MB of free disk space
&127; EPT3600 Software
&127; Galaxy CBS-2100 CB-Radio

&127; Few component`s
&127; 1 pcs. 25-Pin D-SUB Connector
&127; 1 pcs. NULL-Modem Cable

The connection to Printer port.
25-Pin Printer Connector
Install a 25-pin D-SUB Male connector on the radio`s bottom cover, and use a NullModem cable to the computer`s printer port.
See Radio interfacing to Printer Port for more information about using PrinterPort.

PinPrinterPortDirectionUsageConnection to:Active H/L
1Data 8Out to radioMC145106 pin 9HIGH
2Data 0Out to radioMC145106 pin 19HIGH
3Data 1Out to radioMC145106 pin 17HIGH
4Data 2Out to radioMC145106 pin 16HIGH
5Data 3Out to radioMC145106 pin 15HIGH
6Data 4Out to radioMC145106 pin 14HIGH
7Data 5Out to radioMC145106 pin 12HIGH
8Data 6Out to radioMC145106 pin 11HIGH
9Data 7Out to radioMC145106 pin 10HIGH
10ACKIn from radioPTT SwitchMicrophone connector Pin 3LOW
11BusyIn from radioSquelch ControlSouelch sircuit, IC1 pin 8LOW
18GroundGroundMC145106 pin 20

PCB-07 CPU and PLL Board

Before modificationAfter modification
MC145106  Circuit
To protect the PrinterPort:
Cut the trace between IC706 and IC707 on the CPU- and PLL-board....
MC145106  Circuit
and insert 9 pcs. 4,7kW resistors across the cutted traces.

Connection to the PrinterPortSquelch and PTT circuit
MC145106 Connection Circuit Connect a 4,7kW resistor to the SQ-circuit.

Use also a 1N4148 or similar diode to protect the input fron the PTT-Switch.

The off-set-frequency oscillator IC10 oscillates at:
13.560MHz for Galaxy DX
14.410MHz for Ranger
14.460MHz for Alan 97
for all band.
The off-set frequency signal is obtained at IC10 Oscillator and flows into IC10 Mixer where it is beat with the VCO signal. The VCO signal is obtained from the following:
fvco = foff-set + Nfr
f vco = VCO frequency
N = programming code for divider output
fr = referency frequency step (10kHz).
When the different radio`s use different off-set X-tals, go to SETUP
and select off-set X-tal.

User Manual

&127; EPT3600.EXE and install the file under C:\CBS2100\
&127; Inpout16.DLL and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\
&127; VBRUN300.DLL and install the file under C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\

Saving files:
PC: Right-click on link and choose "Save File As"
Mac: Click and hold on link and choose "Save File As"

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