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Mirage B-310-G
8 watts in - 100 watts out

Boost your 2 Meter handheld or multimode (like ICOM 706) to a super powerful 100 watts . . . All modes: FM, SSB, CW . . . 15 dB GaAsFET receive preamp . . . Reverse polarity protection . . . Silent cooling fan . . . Free HT-to-amp coax and mobile bracket.
For an incredibly low price, you can boost your 2 Meter handheld to a super powerful 100 watt mobile or base!
Turn "You're breaking up . . . Can't copy" into "Solid Copy . . . Go ahead."
Talk further . . . Reach distant repeaters . . . Log onto far away Packet bulletin boards.
This rugged Mirage B-310-G amplifier operates on all modes: FM, SSB, and CW. It's perfect for all handhelds up to 8 watts and multi-mode SSB/CW/FM 2 Meter rigs.
It's great for the ICOM IC-706 -- you'll get 100 blockbuster watts on 2 Meters!
Low Noise GaAsFET preamp
A built-in low noise GaAsFET receive preamp gives you 15 dB gain -- lets you dig out weak signals.
Fully Protected
SWR Protection prevents damage from antennas whipping in the wind. Reverse Polarity Protection can save your amp if you connect power backwards.
Compact but Powerful
Mirage's integrated HeatsinkCabinet™ and whisper quiet fan gets heat out fast!
The results? An ultra-compact 4 x 1 x 7 inch 2 pound amplifier that delivers a super powerful 100 watts.
Free Accessories
Free 3 foot handheld to B-310-G coax cable -- just plug and play! Free mobile bracket! Free rubber mounting feet for home use!
Plus More . . .
Automatic RF sense Transmit/Receive switch. Remote keying jack. LEDs monitor "On Air," high SWR, pre-amp, power. Draws 15 amps at 12-15 VDC.
Full one year MIRAGE warranty
With Mirage's legendary ruggedness, you may never need our superb warranty.
Power Curve -- typical B-310-G output power
Watts Out 25 50 75 95 100 100+ 100+
Watts In 0.25 0.5 1 2 4 6 8

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